Denied…for now

I just received a telephone call telling me my visa application has been denied, pending a letter from me indicating I don’t plan to work while in China on a tourist visa.  Had I not been expecting something of this nature, I would be very distressed.

As I marked the “staff of media” box on the application, I wondered if getting a visa would be as straightforward as it should be.  But no worries, I’ll fill out and return the form letting the consulate know I have no intentions of working while I’m in China.  Trust me, working is the last thing I will be thinking about.

All will be well and my passport will be back in my hands by the end of next week.  So help them, it had better be.


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  1. We can always go somewhere else like Bali or Taiwan if the China visa does not work out.

    China is weary of foreign media. Did not consider that until reading you post.

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