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I now have my Chinese Visa and my passport is once again in my possession.  It’s time to do some serious researching on Guilin and Yangshuo.  I’ll let you know what I find.

Denied…for now

I just received a telephone call telling me my visa application has been denied, pending a letter from me indicating I don’t plan to work while in China on a tourist visa.  Had I not been expecting something of this nature, I would be very distressed.

As I marked the “staff of media” box on the application, I wondered if getting a visa would be as straightforward as it should be.  But no worries, I’ll fill out and return the form letting the consulate know I have no intentions of working while I’m in China.  Trust me, working is the last thing I will be thinking about.

All will be well and my passport will be back in my hands by the end of next week.  So help them, it had better be.


Progress made?

Well, y’all, it appears the China Consulate in Houston possesses my passport and paperwork.

Now it’s time to start researching Guilin and surrounds.  Stay tuned, I’ll let you know what I find interesting.  Just know, I plan to take more photographs than any one person should take in a weekend.  Perhaps I will need another memory card.

Point of No Return

My mother is a genius.  We don’t use travel agents, preferring to do all of the legwork ourselves, so when I found myself in need of a visa agent I didn’t know where to turn.  Mom suggested AAA.  She’s brilliant.  One telephone call and I had my visa agent.

And so it’s done.  I am leaving the country in 37 days and I just sent my passport, as well as all appropriate visa documentation, to Houston.

Now I find myself questioning everything I did filling out the paperwork.  “Is there a typo in my name?”…”Did I put the correct address on the FedEx envelope?”….I am dilligent, maybe even obsessive, about double-checking my work, but that will not stop me from going over it all in my head every day until I have my passport back in my hands.

The excitement over going to a new place combined with the nervousness about not having my passport has me so pumped I will hardly be able to function for the next month.  Heavens help the people who have to put up with me.



Now getting concerned

My attempt to get a visa for China thus far has been foiled by technology.  I am unable to type information into the pdf form.  This will force me to get creative.  I will win, you’ll see.

Getting excited

I’m planning another trip to Hong Kong and Macau to visit my brother.  This time is special because I am finally able to make a two-week trip and we’re going into China proper for a few days…provided I can get a visa in a timely fashion.

In two months I’ll be there and while I love the planning, all of the housekeeping details that must be taken care of between now and then make me a little crazy.

But, Guilin, Hong Kong, and Macau, get ready, because here I come.

Hello, all!

I’m new to this blogging business, so bear with me as I get my sea legs.  As you can see from my name, I am, in fact, a self-proclaimed world traveller.  Most of what I do furthers my goal of learning, photographing, and eating my way around the world.

Stay tuned for fun and exciting, unique perspectives.  It won’t be boring, not if I can help it.