Point of No Return

My mother is a genius.  We don’t use travel agents, preferring to do all of the legwork ourselves, so when I found myself in need of a visa agent I didn’t know where to turn.  Mom suggested AAA.  She’s brilliant.  One telephone call and I had my visa agent.

And so it’s done.  I am leaving the country in 37 days and I just sent my passport, as well as all appropriate visa documentation, to Houston.

Now I find myself questioning everything I did filling out the paperwork.  “Is there a typo in my name?”…”Did I put the correct address on the FedEx envelope?”….I am dilligent, maybe even obsessive, about double-checking my work, but that will not stop me from going over it all in my head every day until I have my passport back in my hands.

The excitement over going to a new place combined with the nervousness about not having my passport has me so pumped I will hardly be able to function for the next month.  Heavens help the people who have to put up with me.




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  1. That would be me. 🙂

  2. I am the same way. Always reviewing in my head afterwards.
    Relax, nothing will be lost and we will have a fantastic time. 

  3. I am the same way and constantly review things in my head after sending out.
    Relax, you will get the visa (and your passport back) with no trouble.

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